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Thursday, September 13, 2001

Serbian newspaper editorial

Dated 12/9/01, identity of newspaper unknown, sent to me translated by a friend from the region:

"Americans will be asking their leaders many questions over the coming days. However, an aggressive power will always have enemies, and those in our fair country remember the dark days of 1999, when our sovereignty was violated by countries posing as democratic and representing the rule of law. Our people suffered from these terrorists in uniform, and [they] took our heritage and our land from us in a brutal invasion which continues to this day, as the everyday heroes, under daily persecution, living in Kosovo-Metohija today can attest.

"Our city's citizens who remember the disease and sorrow inflicted on us, extend our heart to the people of New York, who can now appreciate the terror we ourselves endured during those dark days, under illegal acts of terrorism that rival and even exceed those committed against us. We pray for swift and fair justice against those who have killed their men, women and children just as we do for our own. We can only hope that as a brotherhood, we can together fight terrorism in all the forms it exists and share in each other's grief, sorrow and pride.

"We can hope, too, that the New York citizens may find comfort in the example we have set of rebuilding our city, and that we can help them from our own dreadful experience."

- from a Belgrade newspaper.

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