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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm nuts, but so is the rest of the world.

Our state premier, Geoff Gallop, has unexpectedly resigned both his post and his seat of Victoria Park. This is a real shame - Gallop is easily one of the best premiers we've ever had. He was a unifying force within the Labor Party as well and managed to fix most of the stuff Court screwed up.

Anyway, two days ago I woke up with a crazy idea. Why not put all my newly-acquired knowledge about political demography to the test and run as an Independent? It is one of the safest Labor seats in the state. I have absolutely no chance of winning. In fact, if I get the 10% necessary to get my $250 nomination deposit returned, I will genuinely be shocked. But I can't think of anything I could possibly lose in the process. I'm not important enough for anyone to dig dirt up about, it'll give me something to do which is interesting and challenging, it'll get me meeting real people again, and I have no expectations whatsoever so can't be disappointed. The only thing now is to figure out how to get people to staff the polling booths - there's 13 of them and I only have two volunteers. According to s183(6) of the Electoral Act 1907, I am not allowed to "solicit the vote of any elector on polling day" so I can't do it myself (much as I'd love to). Anyone got any ideas? I'm genuinely interested in any input.

Canada stuff
My friend Daniel in Canada has been nervously anticipating the upcoming Canadian election, where it is most likely that a Howard clone/Bush fan will be elected there and the current reasonably progressive government thrown out. Naturally, he isn't too happy, so if you want to drop encouraging words on his journal, feel free :)

Anyway, there's such a thing as too much of a good thing, so bye for now! :)


Anonymous trickenzie said...

You ask people. Ask politicians who have left now how they started out. Ask friends if they will help out with the polling booth thing. I know a previous member for Moore and could get you in contact with him. He runs a different sort of business entirely now but I am sure he would not mind a phone call and possibly a visit to ask questions. I also know a couple of gay pollies if that is of any interest. One is very contactable by internet.

BTW, I think this sounds like a great idea.

And, you can't solicit people's vote if they are not of your electorate.

6:57 pm

Anonymous effigy2000 said...

I think in theory it is a great idea, but in a more practical sense it's probably silly. If your seat really is so safe for Labor, I wouldn't bother running because the costs involved to you will amount to little. Better to do what I'm planning when I run for local government in a few years; move to where you think you can win and then run.

I think someone with your intelligence and world view could be great for politics. I'd like to see you in parliament making WA a better place for straights, gays, and whatever the hell it is that earthican is. So again, I'd counsel you not to run in a seat where Labor will phone it in and where the conservatives will destroy you for being gay. It's not only bad for your chequebook but given that hate that the Libs are capable of spewing out, probably not good for your state of mind, either.

So move somewhere where you have a chance, if its practical, and then go for it. And then I'll provide some advice gained from my four years of political science to you, free of charge and everything! About time I put it to use, I say! ;)

Peace out, and good luck.

6:57 pm

Anonymous Tressa (inanechild) said...

Even the thought of the upcoming election makes my head ache...I can't believe Canada is so incompetent.

6:57 pm


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