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Thursday, November 01, 2001

International phone costs

OK, so I phoned a friend in the UK and we chatted for 15 minutes. More than a little concerned about my mobile bill for this call, I rang my mobile company to ascertain the rate to the UK and ...

It costs ONE THIRD of the per-minute cost to phone the UK as it does to phone a local number here in Perth on my mobile!!

As I thought, the world is truly mad ...


Anonymous coxonite said...

hahaha, yes, it's the same here! i can call a local number from my mobile for 50p a minute during the day time. and yet, i can call a landline in canada from my mobile for 15p a minute!

10:51 am

Anonymous vyxn said...

hmmm not sure about in australia, but in singapore they're sneaky... sometimes they'll also bill you local airtime while you're making an international call. i guess they might not in oz tho, since they have itemised billing

(in singapore, mobile calls are so cheap no-one bothers with itemised billing).

Here's another one for you. It's cheaper for me to call an australian mobile from my singaporean mobile, then it would be from an australian landline. (In singapore, landline to landline is the same cost as landline to mobile - 0.7c/min, or 48c/hour. People may think timed local calls suck, but when i get my house bill for $4 local calls a month, i think they're great :) )

10:51 am

Blogger Andrew said...

I use calling cards for dialling overseas - although they have their own very unique issues :) (mostly line quality and *odd* pre-connection terminations)

incidentally it turns out the local call thing wouldn't be as ridiculous if I was with Optus properly. The UK would still cost less ... but marginally less, rather than 1/3 the cost.

I really have to hurry up with that passport application so I can make the switch ... I really do not like B.

10:51 am

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