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Friday, April 09, 2004

Iraq - one year on

First anniversary of the toppling of Saddam's Baghdad statue, and the US is fighting a war of justification in Iraq, particularly in the cities of Baghdad, Fallujah, Kut, Najaf and Karbala. Confirmed reports coming in from Fallujah (US codename: "Operation Iron Resolve") are that the US Marines have suffered "substantial" casualties (no reports on numbers) and at least 300 are dead, according to the local hospital. Unconfirmed radio reports say that some US troops have broken ranks and have engaged in a frenzy of attacking and raping unarmed men, women and children in parts of the city. So much for the battle between good and evil that Bush mentioned in his 2004 state of the union address. It's beginning to sound more and more like Northern Ireland (my birthplace, for those who don't know), where two groups of foreign-backed illegal militants fight it out with rhetoric and bombs and the people who have to live there are stuck in the crossfire, dying, hurting, suffering. Now we have previously unknown terrorists (not even related to last week's group of previously unknown militants who are now practically running several cities) holding several unarmed civilians as hostages threatening to burn them alive for political purposes - and they're crazy enough to actually do it too. When will this insanity ever end? :(

George W. Bush and many in his inner circle call themselves Christians. They should start acting like Christians, whose prime commandments are to love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul and to love their neighbour as themselves. The Bible they hold so dear (which George wants to use as the basis to ban gay marriage in the US Constitution) also says that "[Satan] comes to steal, kill and destroy", and calls Satan the "father of lies". I don't know how you would describe Bush's actions firstly in getting the presidency (via his brother and his father's mates in Florida), then in the campaign in Afghanistan (which currently resembles 1910s China after the fall of the Qing dynasty in both the warlordism and opium production stakes), then in the leadup to Iraq, and the reasons for Iraq, and then the post-war operation of Iraq. Lying is bad enough, lying to one's friends (UK, Australia, Spain etc) is even worse. The Spanish had enough of lies in the end and chucked out their president. I can only hope that UK, Australia and the US follow suit and end this NWO state terrorism enterprise.

(We can't do much about Israel, whose oppression of the Palestinians has reached new heights during the Bush administration, but it's beginning to look like Israel will be the next world basket case anyway, following in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, DRC and Somalia's footsteps.)


Anonymous Lucas (lukeyboy) said...

Thanks Andy...

You always seem to know just how to word it to make the truly ridiculous more clear to see, and to bring out the main points. I hope that you never stop expressing what you think because it needs to be heard. I showed your recent posts to a couple of friends I had dinner with tonight and they agree with me on this.

There is so much crap coming from America right now and the worst part is they are so totally hypocritical about it. They own the world media so they can control world opinion except in places like the Middle East where the religious leaders hold more sway and pockets here and in Europe and NZ and places where growing numbers of people seem to be TRYING to think critically rather than just buying the "We have a free media" crap. Even the ABC are limited at times by their news sources around the world.

2:49 pm

Anonymous Shannon said...

Ever since the crusades, people have been doing things in God's name that I don't think God would approve of.


2:50 pm

Blogger Andrew said...

Indeed :/

The worst part is a rather large bunch of people who only hear of God in the media, come away thinking that Christianity is a bad faith, without reading the words of Jesus in the Gospels or ever getting to know about the hope that those words bring to so many lives around the world.

2:50 pm


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