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Friday, November 02, 2001

General silliness (Time zones)

Someone pointed out to me ... do you realise that America is behind the times?

No, I mean literally. The US is presently 5-8 hours behind GMT. Even Chile, which is at the far west of South America, is ahead of Maine and New York etc by one hour due to daylight saving there.

If that's the case though, Fiji is ahead of the times. Just imagine what implications that has!

Oh and on time zones, why is Singapore, Malaysia, Western Australia and the Philippines on the same time zone (GMT+8), yet Thailand, between them, is one hour ahead? Mysteries never cease :)


Anonymous vyxn said...

It's actually the fault of singapore and malaysia... western australia and the phillippines are in one band (at about 120 degrees east). singapore, malaysia and thailand are in the previous 15 degrees band (105 degrees east), _technically_ that means malaysia and singapore should be GMT +7. but they "chose" to be GMT +8, so they were. thailand is correct in being GMT +7... that "straight line" you're talking about doesn't run straight up, but at an angle from one band to another!

GMT +8 is a very popular timezone... all of china is in it, even tho technically only its east coast actually is in that band. :) the same thing exists in europe - the timezone bands there seem to run at about a 20 degree slant.

the main reason is of course, people just arbitrarily chose their timezones mainly due to what countries they wanted to be in line in, rather than what band they were in.

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