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Thursday, November 15, 2001

Weird stuff.

Two people seem to have found my Sep 11 page via Google, it seems - basic as it may be.

Anyway, I just wanted to publish the two completely opposing responses just for a laugh. The first is so extreme that I think even most right wing commentators would strongly disagree with it. The second is surprisingly refreshing.

Response # 1:

"I saw what u wrote, I found it on google yesterday. u must be a terrorist cuz afghanistan deserves all it gets frmo the US, if thye have to kill every last one of those islamic bastards to pay for 9/11 then it must be done. and the serbians? well they got their reward, we shoulda nuked em. fucking animal I hope you die with osama bin lamer, enjoy fucking him in hell mate!"

Response # 2:

"Your page, while small, showed a level of insight that's really been lacking in this whole situation, and gave us a valuable opportunity to see non-mainstream views (i.e. those that promote the value of human life generally) of the conflict. I honestly hope you expand on what you've done and write even more. It's sad that many people who've taken the non-mainstream line have also swallowed implausible conspiracy theories and I'm glad to see that you've avoided that temptation. Keep up the good work."


Anonymous adrian t said...

hahaha!! I needed a good laugh after my exam today (YAY!! school's over for good!!) and this did the trick. Some of the guys at my school are about that lame, unfortunately.

Having the chance to hear you personally, I think you should write it down more. People need to hear more balanced viewpoints than "the US deserved it" or "let's bomb them into the stone age".

11:01 am

Anonymous coxonite said...

hehe, i thought that first message was a piss take, it sounded so pathetic ;)

it scares me that some people really don't want to look at the whole picture in this situation, just choosing to believe all they see in jingoistic news articles and tabloid propoganda. oh well.

11:02 am

Blogger Andrew said...

It gave me a good laugh anyway at someone else's expense :)

11:02 am


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