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Sunday, February 10, 2002

PO Box Oddities

I emptied my old PO box today (first time in 8 months). Its contents were as follows:

- a letter saying "Welcome to Telstra Messagebank" with welcome pack dated the day after I cancelled the service after 8 months of use.
- several letters from Global, despite the fact I changed my address with their people.
- a rejection letter dated August 2001 for a job I went for in January of that year. (I got the job I'm now in in June 2001.)
- various letters to a Mr G. Roy about whom I know nothing.
- a "Private and Confidential" to my then housemate, postmarked August.
- a request to pay on delivery $11.48 to the post office for a package which, it seems, was addressed to a Mr R. Owen and somehow ended up in my PO box after some clever forwarding. I didn't pay it. The Post office can keep their package :)

Says it all, really...


Anonymous Lucas (lukeyboy) said...

Welcome to the wiles of Corporate Australia and it's incompetance Andrew :))

BTW You were right about the Butan thing, they dont have any english newspapers :( so penpal thing is just not going to happen. I really wanted a Butanese penpal too.

2:12 pm

Blogger Andrew said...

I share your lack of faith in the corporate sector in Australia's clue levels... and it's Bhutan. But I thought you only wanted to call Bhutan because it's the most expensive country on your mobile plan? :P

2:12 pm

Anonymous hed said...

Man you guys think that stuff is bad in Aus...I just have two words for you UNITED KINGDOM...man they find every way to rape you of funds, have no concept of customer service, are so far back in the dark ages with tech it's not even funny, and will do anything to make life more miserable...
Just two little stories:
I have a phone bill for the last quarter and I need to pay it...however they sent the bill at the begining of Jan (when everyone is gone on X-mas holidays, they know I am a student (because they ask if you reside in the house all year long) then they get mad when it hasn't been paid by the 5th of January...so I rung them and got and extension...however when I went to pay I find out that they only take check (from a UK bank, or cash at a UK bank) this is BT...british Telecom...I mean the BIGGEST telecom provider in the UK and they don't even take credit card...the fucking cornershop down the street takes credit cards...WHAT IS GOING ON!!! So I told the woman that the banks were closed for the rest of the day (they close at 3 on a friday and don't really open till monday again) so I wouldn't be able to pay till then...she was like "well what do you want me to do about it?" I kindly told her that i had the money but since they run an archaic service I can't give them the money unless they want to come over" so She so kindly said "well I'll give you another week...do you think that will be enough for you?" Like I should be greatful of her generosity! oh well...one rant....it was longer than expected so I'll stop there...but all I have to say is:
THE BARS CLOSE AT 11pm EVERY DAY except Sundays when they close at 10:30pm...THAT IS THE LAW...I MEAN WTF!!!!????? Oh well...Aus is fantastic compaired to that...well it was for the 6 weeks I was there though I am the first to admit that a small trip can not show the ins and outs of a country so I am in no way belittling your situation...just please for your own sanity NEVER come here!!!!

2:13 pm


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