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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

One Nation - or should that be Two Nations?

Here's some humour for you. If you don't know anything about Australia's politics, One Nation is a simple-solutions far right wing party, which was until this year headed by a former fish-and-chip shop lady, Pauline Hanson. Anywhere that they have actually ended up with seats in parliament though, they're about as successful as a dead fish because of bitter infighting.

One Nation row in court
By Steve Pennells and David Darragh
The West Australian, 13/11/02, page 34

The battle for control of One Nation WA will shift to the Supreme Court as the patry's disputed State president fights to keep hold of the position.

Ron McLean lodged a writ on Monday in a bid to stop party members meeting this month to elect a new State executive. The action comes after a One Nation split that has seen both camps deny the other's authority to represent the party.

One group controls One Nation's bank accounts and post office box.
The other, led by Mr McLean, controls the telephone lines.

IN the writ, Mr McLean claims his election in July, and that of the rest of the executive, was legitimate and should be held valid. A meeting by what he called breakaway members on October 12 to overturn their appointment was not legitimate, he claims.

He seeks the return of the party's electoral file, stationery, petty cash and other documents allegedly taken from One Nation's Victoria Park office last month and wants to regain access to mail and bank accounts.

In a separate action, a One Nation member seeking restraining orders against the party's two MLCs [Members of the Legislative Council] and another party member appeared in Midland Magistrate's Court. Marye Daniels, 57, who claims to be the party's State secretary, wants orders against MLCs Frank Hough and John Fischer and member John Mania. She appeared yesterday over her bid for an order against Mr Fischer.

Ms Daniels claims the men have threatened her. The men say Ms Daniels lost her post at the October meeting and is trying to discredit them. The three applicatiosn have been set down for a hearing on December 10.

The MLCs are recognised by Parliament as One Nation MPs despite an opposing faction's claim that they have been expelled from the party.


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