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Sunday, May 05, 2002

Music - Tool Review

Originally posted on toolshed.down.net:

I was totally blown away - after reading the other Aus setlists and finding Undertow heavily featured I was pleasantly surprised to get FOUR Aenima songs including 46 & 2 and Jimmy, and the extended stinkfist. This has been my best concert experience ever and I'd like to share a little of it with you :)

The full setlist:

1. A long humming thing with the wreath logo on the videos.
2. The Grudge. Maynard had his back to the crowd right until Disposition came on.
3. Short (-) ions intro immediately led into Stinkfist (extended version) with some extra lyrics which appear to be from Suspicious Minds, and another instrumental extension (the latter the same as the Atlanta 15/5/01 bootleg).
4. 46 & 2 - the drum solo coming into the final instrumental was striking. What can I say? :) Maynard said "Good evening" at the end of it.
5. Aeon Blue leading into Parabola.
6. Schism. Now it was my opinion and that of a couple of others that the verses were off key although the instrumentals in between were fine :) In the middle, there was this long haunting A minor chord on some kind of synthesiser(?) with the Osseus Labyrint people walking on all fours kind of like a horse or cow, after about 2 mins the song resumed with the picked solo from Adam.
7. Sober.
8. Jimmy - Preceded with "We don't do this one often, it's about finding your way home. I want you all to join..."
9. An extended instrumental piece which I did not recognise, it wasn't an Aenima segue. Very understated and led in from Jimmy.
10. Disposition/Reflection - What can I say? The bass in Reflection just totally soaked the entire venue, it was warm and wonderful :)
11. Adam played the closing notes from Reflection for around 6.5 minutes.
12. Intermission - video of Parabol/Parabola
13. Triad - Very different to studio version but recognisable (I thought it might be Eulogy or Disgustipated until the guitar screeching about a minute in!). A lot more African drumming and Osseus Labyrint on trapeze, with the guitarist from the Melvins openly competing with Adam and the Melvins drummer on a small set of drums to the right of Danny.
14. Aenema - preceded by "We'd like to thank you for sharing this moment with us, and thank the Melvins for joining us this tour. They will be leaving us this evening to fly to Los Angeles ... if its still there". The faster drumming sounded almost like the sort of thunder you hear in Ticks & Leeches studio version, but it was otherwise faithful to the original. I watched carefully for changed lyrics in the "fret for" section but they were the usual ones. Maynard changed around the first and second stanzas of "fuck l ron hubbard" though, that became the second stanza.
15. Lateralus.

Update: The West Australian also reviewed this show, but it was clear they had been at a different event and read too many fake reviews.


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