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Friday, January 03, 2003

Just luck or what?

On 6 December 2002 I arrived at the bottom of Arthur's Seat on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, after walking from one of the Dromana stops on Nepean Highway, to get the chairlift ... and was 2 minutes too late to go on it, it had closed for the day. Unperturbed, I followed the line underneath the chairlift across the road, stood up alongside a large pylon and took a photo. When I get home I'll scan this photo in and post it here.

And on today's news... I'll let it speak for itself actually. Note this appeared as one of the only two Australian stories on the BBC today.

The pylon that collapsed, if the info the news has contained so far is correct, was the one I was standing against, and the bit of road was the same one I crossed.

I think sometimes the universe just steps in to keep us safe. Who really knows? Feeling somewhat humbled at the moment...


Anonymous anarqie said...

divine intervention or was it that you sabotaged the pylon? ;P
Poor people, hope they are OK, maybe I should send them all a few Russian Brides to make them feel better. I want a Russian hubbie, no matter how diseased their water is!

The irrepressible, Tom(meh) appearing on a stage near you.

1:08 pm

Blogger Andrew said...

Yeah I hope they are too :/ I can see that cafe with the horrible customer service that runs the chairlift going out of business though ... 6 months with no chairlift!

and haha ... I take it you read my comment about Henry Rollins and the water in Moscow, which can apparently be compared to Tijuana, Mexico in its effect on Westerners :P

1:09 pm

Anonymous Lucas (lukeyboy) said...

Im glad that youre alright Andrew *Hugs*

It wouldnt have been much fun if you'd gone on it... I couldn't have given you my special tour around Melbourne if you were stuck in a cable car half way up a mountain!

1:09 pm

Anonymous anarqie said...

Moscow is a fab city, it might be poor and have dodgy water but the very mention of it's name inspires ideas of imperial might and culture.
And what does Perth inspire? images of endless suburbia and social problems perhaps?
*sigh* we're going to have to agree to disagree on this. I respect you liking Perth, but you must respect my decission to leave.


1:10 pm

Blogger Andrew said...

I've never questioned your decision to leave :P

We both have pretty much our whole lives in front of us and it's the best time to venture out and do things and be places. You and I in that regard are a minority - most seem content with their suburban lives and maybe going with the family to the Gold Coast or something.

It's just your ideas about culture are open to an awful lot of debate (as are mine, or anyone's, really) - the only comments youve made about Perth have been broad, and yet you've glorified cities (eg Sydney) which in my view lack culture, are high in both crime and pollution, and have real racial and class problems.

The anti-Perth attitude is something I've seen a lot in younger Perth people both as I grew up and since, and I used to be kind of the same until I actually started travelling regularly and ended up concluding Perth really has a lot to recommend it over other places (almost no class or racial problems, low pollution, low personal crime, lots of good weather and good views).

I know you're quite well travelled and have come to the same decision anyway - that's fair enough, as I said each to their own. I'm not trying to change your mind... if we all did the same things the same way, we wouldn't be unique and we wouldn't get our own enjoyment out of life. :

1:10 pm

Anonymous Lucas (lukeyboy) said...

Speaking as someone who has left Perth 2 months ago but lived there most of my life, I think it's actually a really cool place ... If I could live there 6 months and here (in Melbourne) 6 months I'd be happy. Perth has good fashion shops and cafes, and its got the good weather so you can actually go out during the day! I am so over crappy weather. Chapel Street in Melbourne is an amazing place you have to check out if youre ever over here! Anyway I was only supposed to be on briefly so see you :)

1:11 pm


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