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Thursday, March 20, 2003


(Current music: U2's "MLK")

They've started bombing Baghdad. Apparently the first bombs have hit the southern suburbs.

I can't believe my government is doing this. What made us elect such evil and immoral leaders as the ones we have in the US, Britain and Australia? Democracy seems to have been the main thing that was hijacked on September 11, and not by the hijackers - but by the conservative faction of politics, who are now starting to show their neo-fascist "ethnic cleansing" leanings.

I guess I'd hoped right to the end that democracy and, ultimately, justice and fairness would win out. This is the start of a period in world history where "diplomacy" means "war preparations" and it is a free-for-all for any nation that has a beef with any other nation.


Anonymous Matt (boy_undecided) said...

I think the point is that most thinking people (including you and me) did not vote for said evil government. We voted for/with the opposition, the lesser of the two evils, remember?

1:31 pm

Anonymous avalon_ash said...

I'm thinking of getting a group together to join the protest in Forrest Place. it should be huge.

1:32 pm

Blogger Andrew said...

Yeah I know. *sigh* My personal hope is for days of protests and stopworks to bring down the Government and fresh elections to be called, followed by the sort of street parties you see on the news in places like Belgrade. But it'll never happen :/ Australia is too complacent sometimes.

1:32 pm


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